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About Us

Smileplan is a charitable trust that offers an affordable dental membership plan with selected dental practices across Auckland.

Created to ensure every New Zealander can afford regular, preventative dental care; Smileplan will partner you with great dentists who care about keeping your teeth for life.

The inspiration for Smileplan came during my practice, Dentalcare West’s first annual free dental day on Christmas Eve, 2011. Our five dentists provided check-ups,fillings and extractions to 104 people struggling to afford basic emergency care. The day after appearing on Breakfast TV to promote the day, we had over 300 people from Coromandel to Kaitaia arrive at Dentalcare West. Many had slept in their cars overnight, hoping to be one of the patients we could treat over the course the day.

It was through meeting so many people who wanted the best for their teeth but couldn’t afford it that we recognised the need. “Already proving very popular and with many happy members, we are excited about Smileplan and hope its low cost, straight-forward structure and quality partner dentists will help improve dental health in New Zealand.”

Signed, Dr Scott Dr Scott

What We Offer

Smileplan offers incredible value

You Receive: Private Fees
One Full Dental Checkup $100
Hygienist Cleaning (2 per year) up to 10% discount off treatment $260
Full-Mouth Panoramic X-ray $85
Fluoride Treatment* $25
Unlimited Family Emergency Assessments $60
Unlimited X-rays $25
Orthodontic Consultation $220
Interest Free Payment Plans on treatments over $500 Up to $1200 Value
Free ACC Check and Assessment
Free WINZ Check and Assessment

Smileplan annual fee: $300 or $25 per month

5% discount on treatment for Smileplan members on a monthly payment option

10% discount on treatment for Smileplan members on an annual plan

Discount applies to fillings and extractions when paid in full at the time of appointment.

One Full Dentist Check-up, Including X-rays

Regular check-ups can help detect and treat minor problems before they require complex and expensive dental care. During your check-up, the dentist will give you a full dental examination including:

  • A full check of your teeth and gums. Your teeth will be visually examined and x-rayed to check for cavities, decay and cracks
  • An examination of the extra-oral area. This includes the head and neck area, jaws, muscles and sinuses. Your dentist will then provide recommendations including treatment options and costs.

Hygenist Cleaning

One of the best ways to ensure your teeth stay healthy and avoid the need for complex dental care is with regular hygiene appointments. During your appointment, a fully-trained hygienist will remove any tartar and plaque build-up above and below the gum level. Unlike cheap scale and polishes often offered, this cleaning goes gently below the gum line – where your toothbrush cannot reach – and cleans the gums to ensure they stay strong and healthy.

Full-Mouth Panoramic X-ray

A full-mouth panoramic x-ray is used to check the sinuses, jaws and wisdom teeth and can locate deeply embedded abscesses.

Fluoride Treatment

An optional treatment, Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and makes the tooth more resistant to acid attack and dental decay.

Payment Options

$25 per month

Pay Monthly

Sign up to a monthly payment plan and receive a 5% discount* on treatment. Requires an initial payment of $75 (3 months in advance)

$300 per year

Pay Annually

Sign up to an annual plan and receive a 10% discount* on treatment. Requires an initial payment of $300 (12 months in advance).

* Only applies to extractions and fillings when paid for in full at time of service.

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Smileplan is available at 6 great practices around Auckland.

182 West Coast Rd,
Glen Eden

09 818 8855

19 Alpers Ave,

09 524 0424

6-8 Greenhithe Rd,

09 413 5109

11E Bakerfield Pl,

09 262 2208

10 Waddon pl,

09 275 6105

1280 Dominion Rd,
Mt Roskill

09 620 9559

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